Survey #59: For Vegetarians

For the non-carniverous:

This is one of those “If you had to choose” questions. Sorry. If you had to choose between killing & eating 1,000 ants (from different colonies, so you wouldn’t wipe out a colony) and a squirrel, which would it be?


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3 Responses to “Survey #59: For Vegetarians”

  1. EricIndiana Says:

    I think about this question because the reason that I am a vegetarian is that I don’t want to kill animals. So I start with a premiss that all life is to be valued equally. By that thinking, I would have to kill the squirrel – after all, an ant’s life is worth as much as a squirel’s, and as much as my own. On the other hand, I can relate to the intelligence of a mammal, and I would have vastly more empathy for the squirrel. I can imagine ants as tiny automatons who would not fear death and who wouldn’t be missed by their family. Thinking along those lines, I would have to eat the ants, probably ground up into a jelly & spread on bread.

  2. Editor B Says:

    I asked the nearest vegetarian, my boss, and she chose the ants without much hesitation. Her reason? Squirrels are more cat-like than ants, and she loves cats.

  3. K Says:

    My son says “squirrel.” He would rather eat a squirrel than an ant. Pragmatism.

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