Survey #58: The Darndest Things

What are some things kids say these days? I’m not looking for a unique bit of cuteness from an individual child, but something that will sound familiar to many parents, like “Just let me finish this level.” (Your responses may end up in a Daisybrain post.)


4 Responses to “Survey #58: The Darndest Things”

  1. l0oree Says:

    That’s epic.
    O M G
    they say the text initials during conversation.

  2. l0oree Says:

    some that don’t soud at all appropriate for me to even type.

    But heres one bytch and son tells me this is not a bad thing

    Other ones I can not bring me to say. My son does not say them either he just casually mentions the words he hears the classmates saying ever so often. And some of the overheard conversation like my bro got arrested for weed. and this one — I had to pull out my blade and dude had a gun so I ran then my brother hit me.

    IB Diploma Highschool next year though 🙂 I might know by January.

    The one word my son says constantly is “epic” NOt sure how its spelled maybe with a K? or ck?

  3. l0oree Says:

    Update: Son was accepted to start IB diploma program for Highschool next year :))))))))))))))) A Magnent Highschool.

    Nathaniel is very excited. I went to the school and spoke to his teacher. She told me his homework each time will be mailed off to other countries to be graded. WOW and that there are only 13 programs like this in the United States. I am so very happy and blessed for him to have this opportunity. I am sure his experience this year will always be with him and strangely he likes the school, the teachers, but the students are not much able to communicate with him though. With all their troubles with drugs, guns and abuse he does not have much in common to talk about. I am blessed indeed and pray for all these dear children’s safety and better circumstances.

  4. EricIndiana Says:

    Hey – that’s great – what a great opportunity for him. You must be really proud of him. Plus that’s a powerful way to support self-esteem and reinforce the idea that education can be something you aggressively go for and will be of great benefit.

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