Survey #55: Death by Immortality

You discover the secret to immortality. Every second that you don’t tell the world about it people die who could be saved. But if you tell people the secret, there will be very quick human overpopulation of the Earth and a likely ensuing mass starvation, destruction of habitat and death to most life on the planet. What do you do?


3 Responses to “Survey #55: Death by Immortality”

  1. Editor B Says:

    Share only with people who are very nice to me.

    Very, verrry niiiice.

  2. bracketbracket Says:

    You don’t share it. You destroy it.

    • EricIndiana Says:

      These two answers seem to bracket (so to speak) the spectrum of possible actions. I lean toward bracketbracket’s answer as the correct moral choice. It’s hard to release myself from responsibility once I put the Secret out there and people inevitably use it to the destruction of the species. It’s like inventing a catastrophic weapon or technology and wiping my hands of all responsibility for how other people use it. Then again, I can’t help but think I would save myself & my parents before destroying it. Myself, my parents & other close family members. Also my dog… maybe a few old friends from Bloomington.

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