Survey #37: Mean Ends

We all know that the ends don’t justify the means. But do the means ever justify the ends?


5 Responses to “Survey #37: Mean Ends”

  1. Editor B Says:


  2. l0oree Says:

    That depends on the accomplishment and how great society at that time views it.

  3. l0oree Says:

    If the agenda is mass destruction, genocide, hell no.

  4. l0oree Says:

    If it is world peace, and a cure for disease yes.

  5. l0oree Says:

    Incest is wrong. Murder is wrong. Does the end justify the means? As an adopted child rumored to have been given away due to mental health issues due to rape to a family of incest and child abuse; I say if I had never been born I would never have to choose anything because I would not be here. The right to choose is always up to the parent in that paticular situation and what that individual can accept as justice.

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