Survey 25: How Much is Enough?

How many hours sleep is ideal for you personally?


3 Responses to “Survey 25: How Much is Enough?”

  1. fatima Says:

    4 to 6 hours or sometimes only 15 minutes enough to recharge me

  2. EricIndiana Says:

    I also get about 4 to 6, but I’d like about 20 hours a night. Maybe that’s because I’m always sleepy during the day. They always used to say that 8 hours is what people need but I never have time for that much. Anyway, I heard recently that people who get less sleep live longer. Of course they probably are half-asleep the whole time they are walking around.

  3. Jeffersonic DSK. Says:

    I’ve been depressed lately; 12-14 hours.

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