Survey 21: Starting Over

If you could start your own country from scratch, what would you put in the Constitution that does not now appear in any country’s constitution?


5 Responses to “Survey 21: Starting Over”

  1. Christy Says:

    I don’t know that I’d add anything but I might say this: That everyone must read and sign the constitution and take a comprehension test about the contents. Oh, and that everyone has to drink a beverage that gives them total religious amnesia forever.

  2. EricIndiana Says:

    I always wanted to try to pre-empt patriotism by inserting a prohibition against having a national flag, or an anthem. Also, I’d name the country something like “Country of Snot,” so nobody would want to go off to war in its name.

  3. Jeffersonic (DSK) Says:

    I think a Constitutional Comprehension Test might be a good Idea as a pre-requisite to voting. (I’d better begin studying)

  4. MF Says:

    In my country, there would be an official siesta time, everyone would have to speak with an Indian accent (because I think they sound intelletual), and mental institutions would have masseuses. I would also pass a law that at least once a week people should wear their native ethnic dress, and each year I would say there is a different thing that film makers will not be able to put in their movies that year. I’m thinking it would make films more creative, like how the dialogue would be really interesting in movies in the film noir era, when they couldnt’ talk about sex directly.

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