Survey 16: Bladdernose

What are some words that you think are funny?


3 Responses to “Survey 16: Bladdernose”

  1. Jeffersonic. (DSK) Says:

    •Frolicking: to run about and play happily. Do not confuse this with licking someone’s hair-do. It can upset them.

    •Rollicking: carefree, high-spirited, joyful. The fact that this word exists does not imply that licking someone’s dinner, tootsie, or jelly roll is commonly practiced or accepted in any enclaves where decent people congregate. I believe etymologists link this word to carpet installers common practice of licking the underside of the entire roll of carpeting being installed.

    •Okahumpka, FL

    •Astatula, FL.

    •Ocklawaha, FL

    •Palatlakaha River…..hmmm, also in Florida.


    •Nub City…er, yes; Florida :

  2. Roxanne Says:

    It just always makes me laugh. It’s the perfect word.

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