Survey 13: Best Band

What obscure band that you love should be or should have been famous?


7 Responses to “Survey 13: Best Band”

  1. Jeffersonic. (DSK) Says:

    The Fibonaccis. I am especially fond of their first lineup’s first release. Also, there are two great later songs on the soundtrack of the 80’s B horror flick “TerrorVision”.

    • EricIndiana Says:

      Didn’t they have that first release, then another single, followed by 2 hits, a 3-hit ep, then a 5-songmini-CD, then a small 8-song album, which they followed up with a 13 song masterpiece and then their 21-song epic album, a double album with 34 songs, a live concert of 55 golden hits…. Sorry. I’m sure I’m not being original here.

  2. Jeffersonic. (DSK) Says:

    Yah dude! And I’m gonna buy their box set that has everything you mentioned *and*, all their out takes, and every practice they recorded on a Radio Shack $25.00 cassette player.

    (er..seriously, I would if it existed)

  3. Jeffersonic. (DSK) Says:

    duh, der, uhh I knew Fibonacci was a mathematician, and I knew he had a sequence, but I missed the joke, ’cause it flew over my head full of paste when I read it.
    You *were* clever, but too clever for this cobwebbed corner of the lowbrow section of your audience.

  4. Alice Wolfson Says:

    At this time, my mind is blank

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