Survey 10: Bring Back the Dead!

Who are ten dead people who should have lived forever?


4 Responses to “Survey 10: Bring Back the Dead!”

  1. EricIndiana Says:

    Nikola Tesla
    Eleanor Roosevelt
    Helen Keller
    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Mr. Rogers
    Ida B. Wells
    Joey Ramone
    Howard Zinn
    Elizabeth Blackwell
    Leonardo Da Vinci

    • EricIndiana Says:

      I should have included Buddy Holly, Otis Redding & Eddie Cochran. But then whom would I take out? Probably Da Vinci, Keller, and Roosevelt. Also, King is an interesting choice, because part of his lasting impact comes from his martyrdom.

  2. Jeffersonic. (DSK) Says:

    Johnny Appleseed
    Leon Spilliaert
    Alfred Hitchcock
    Bob Klawitter
    David Roberson
    Jeffery Hyman
    John Cummings
    Douglas Colvin

  3. Jeffersonic. (DSK) Says:

    Bob Klawitter was a friend of mine I met at a food co-op in the wilds of Southern Indiana circa 1978. Bob was always friendly, humble and drew on a vast wealth of knowledge. While seriously devoted to raising awareness in terms of justice and environmental concerns, he could deliver the most dire environmental news as a dark joke the human species was playing on itself, somehow making it easier to deal with. Though I never personally got around to researching this, or asking Bob about this story; I heard from a variety of people that he was a former I.U. professor who was dismissed after taking over WTIU or WFIU with a group of students. He was killed on Rt. 37 while on his way to lecture, by a raging drunk driver, who had kidnapped a passenger and was southbound in the northbound lane at speeds exceeding 100 miles an hour. He was also someone who lived the ‘green’ life he advocated.

    David Roberson was a friendly, intelligent, extroverted life of the party type, (who was also an English, IN cabinet maker) who was a universal adventure catalyst. (not to be confused with a speculative venture capitalist). He was visiting old friends in Colorado, (note the high altitude) and had just handily beaten their teenage track star daughter in a 1 mile foot race, and upon reaching the finish line, had handed his girlfriend a bouquet he picked during race. As he was singing loudly and victoriously leaping, celebrating his victory, he collapsed to the ground. His companions assumed he was joking as per usual, and were ignoring him, thinking he was playing possum. After a few minutes, they discovered he was dead. I was told this was the result of his heart cycling without adequate blood flow, resulting in a freakish spasm. It was almost as if he lost track of his physicality and ran off of the Earth in an exuberant blaze of glory. He was such a wild energized character, I can easily imagine him just accidentally rocketing off the planet.

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