Survey 9: How About You?

What question would you like me to post here as a survey question?


7 Responses to “Survey 9: How About You?”

  1. Jeffersonic. (DSK) Says:

    I’m always interested in hearing about people’s favorite bad movies. There is a distinction I’d like to make. By ‘bad movie’ I’m not referring to a generically typically ugly boring bad movie. I’m talking about a seriously flawed movie that is filled with absurdities and missed targets, that crackles with a life of its own, that’s hard to pull away from. At the lower end of this spectrum I would place the old chestnut, “Plan 9 From Outer Space”. Topping the list would be my favorite bad movie, “Stone Cold”, a hero vehicle for footballer Brian Bosworth. The movie almost seems as if it was particularly engineered to mock Bosworth, who seems unaware he’s being mocked, or seems unaware that anyone could ever mock him. Wonderful performances are present in the movie as Lance Henrikson and William Forsythe portray villainous anarchic nazi bikers. There are at least two classic lines of dialogue. The action sequences are illogically over the top. Delicious.

    Suggestions anyone?

  2. Jeffersonic. (DSK) Says:

    “At times like these, I’m reminded of my father’s last words, which were, “Don’t Son, that gun’s loaded”.”

    “I’ll peel off your skin with a knife dipped in shit.”

    (hint; these always seem to fail as ‘pick up” lines, but I haven’t tried them in Baltimore yet.)

  3. Jeffersonic. (DSK) Says:

    Here’s a question I’d like to pose, if I may.

    How many people have recently come to see pet chimps as sinister, horrific creatures?

  4. EricIndiana Says:

    While I await the chimp answer, I’ll go ahead with your previous suggestion of best bad movie….

  5. Jeffersonic. (DSK) Says:

    Actually, I’ve no expectations for this question hogging the blog. Discussing this here is satisfying enough, unless of course *you* catch the ‘chimp horrors’ and desire to explore the topic further.

    There have been four chimp attacks I’ve recently heard of which span the last 3-4 years. These were vicious attacks, and the chimps tended to focus on the human face as the offending area to attack, often crushing and tearing jaws off of skulls, gouging out eyes and biting faces off. Contrast this with my media enabled naivete of our playful chimp friends behaviors ala “Lancelot Link” and visions of happy circus chimps frolicking with helpful clowns.

    Gangs of chimps have been known to attack villages and people ‘in the wild’, on occasion, with little provocation, but these attacks seem related to territorial disputes and hunger, I think, and I believe they’re not quite as severe. However, in these recent chimp attacks, the animals seem to have been given human status by their owners, or in one case, the owner filled the void left by a deceased family member with a chimp, having it become part of the household and even sharing a bed with it. These familiarities seem to have inspired heightened chimp responses when they feel transgressions have been committed against them.

    Here’s one tragic hilarity of fate/chance; in my hubris, just when I think I’ve catalogued most of life’s perils, I learn, yet again, there’s a new nasty one I wouldn’t have conceived of in fifty years of typing. And while improbable, it’s not impossible that some punter’s escaped, enraged 185lb chimpanzee *could* launch itself from behind the hedge, latch onto my face, and repair to its lair with the mangled remnants of my kisser. Hence, the ‘chimp horrors’.

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