Survey 5: A Can of Worms

What is religion?

(p.s. “a can of worms” is an American expression for a complex or difficult subject that, when examined, may lead to all sorts of problems)


6 Responses to “Survey 5: A Can of Worms”

  1. ericesad Says:

    depending on my mood, I think it’s:

    an excuse to do good or to do bad

    group obsessive compulsive disorder

    a lot of stupid people following the commands of some crazy people

    a lack of evolution of the most primitive part of our brain

    a vane attempt to impose order on the universe, and meaning on our lives

    the arrogance that one can know and contain God

  2. Grrr Says:

    An attempt to eff the ineffable without doing any of the work.

  3. Paul Says:

    For most, it’s a set of beliefs derived from the interpretation of ambiguous documents, usually stories, that guide behavior — often heavily interpreted by titled initiates who guide groups of believers.

    American democracy, money, the laws and constitution — together comprise a religion.

    For a few, religion involves feeling oneself in the connected context of all else.

  4. dewi Says:

    This is a term that is not good religion is something people need guidance to run her life.

  5. Kavana Says:

    The last resort of conservativism.

  6. Jeffersonic. (DSK) Says:

    1.) Santa Claus for adults. (author unknown)

    2.) Something to fill the void left after realizing that existence could be pointless and the extremely self-interested can lead lives of pleasurable or even oppressive excess without perceptible repercussions.

    3.) A clever ruse initiated by the weak to keep the strong from beating them to death or otherwise disposing of them.

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