Survey 1: Guilty Pleasures

What is the worst TV show you watch on a regular basis all the while knowing how awful it is?


6 Responses to “Survey 1: Guilty Pleasures”

  1. ericesad Says:

    For the Love of Ray J (!!!!!) I’d say, ‘only because my wife has it on,’ but I could easily leave the room.

  2. Liana Says:

    There’s so many… which one to choose! Probably the Real Housewives of . But I also sit and watch the Kardashians and the Hills and Jersey Shore when my daughter has it on… so sad…

  3. Kavana Says:

    I watch them for the eye candy.

  4. Grrr Says:


  5. Paul Says:

    This is a bit convoluted . . .
    It’s a guilty pleasure denied.

    On the various shows that might be titled “Americas Funniest Home People” they feature shorts that are actually very funny. A wise-assed kid, hit in the groin with a football! A kitten who’s growls seem to sing “O sole mia”. I smile. I laugh out loud.

    But . . . I . . . can’t . . . watch.

    Why? Because of groundless cultural prejudice. Because my self image encompasses the appreciation of b&w Japanese movies in the 50s, but not housewives finding plastic hands in the stew. Because as open as I try to be, I still am suffused with the useless biases of the cynically jaded.

    And for this, I am righteously guilty.

  6. Jeffersonic. (DSK) Says:

    Chelsea Lately. I love smart mouthed broa-…er, women with mean faces.

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